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Dental Radiology

We re-perform 2D radiography and dental computed tomography that provide 3D and 2D images, provide complete three-dimensional images without distortions and overlaps and allow for much more accurate measurements.

If the radiograph can only be enlarged, to analyze the details, the dental tomography can be manipulated digitally, in specially designed software, to be rotated and viewed from any angle.

Virtual sections can also be made in tissues, to determine various characteristics.

Dental Radiology


  • Segmental digital panoramic X-ray 16 EURO
  • Digital Panoramic Radiography (OPG) 16 EURO
Dental Radiology


  • Bimaxillary tomography 90 EURO
  • Complete maxillary/mandibular tomography 50 EURO
  • Hemiarcade tomography 38 EURO
  • Segmental tomography 30 EURO

Dental tomography in both its forms is used for various more complex cases:

* diagnosis of more difficult cases
* in implantology treatments
* observing the bone density in the area of the future implant and deciding whether implantation is possible, or whether other additional surgical interventions are needed, bone addition
* at the end of the treatment, to check the osseointegration of the implants.
* before any maxillo-facial surgery intervention
* within complex endodontic treatments, to highlight volumetrically and precisely the number of canals, their shape and direction
* in orthodontics, for the three-dimensional visualization of anatomical structures, the symmetry of the bone structure, the airways