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Consultations and treatment plan

The clinical consultation is only part of the medical act in order to establish a correct diagnosis.

In certain cases, after the clinical consultation, a diagnosis and a therapeutic option can be established, other times it is necessary to carry out additional investigations to establish a diagnosis.

The protocol of our clinic is as follows:

-Setting up an appointment with one of our doctors;

-Clinical consultation + Case documentation (Pictures or intraoral scan, study models, etc…);

-Additional investigations (2D or 3D X-rays, laboratory analyses);

– Establishing one or more therapeutic options;

– Preparing the cost estimate;

Only by going through these steps does the patient manage to have a clear and explicit image of the operations that will be performed.

Dental implantology

Dental implant

A dental implant is a piece of pure titanium in the form of a screw that replaces a missing or altered tooth in the jawbone, thus restoring the lost natural tooth or teeth without affecting the remaining healthy ones.

It represents one of the greatest discoveries of dental medicine and brings revolutionary solutions in dentistry, restoring the aesthetics, functionality and quality of life of edentulous patients.

The dental implant completely defines the implanto-prosthetic complex and is certified as the best method of tooth replacement, integrating perfectly into the bone structure through a surgical step.


Periodontology is a branch of oral medicine that deals with the diagnosis, evaluation, staging, treatment and ongoing follow-up of chronic gingival inflammations as well as the loss of bone substance around natural teeth.

Dental aesthetics

It includes procedures that improve the appearance of teeth, gums, smiles and the lives of patients. The full range of aesthetic treatments offered by MR Dentalmed is:

Professional teeth whitening using the Zoom lamp that visibly transforms patients’ smiles. Stains on the teeth are removed and their shade changes, highlighting the rest of the features in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Ceramic dental veneers applied to the patient’s natural teeth achieve a radical change in the patient’s facial aesthetics.

All-ceramic dental crowns are prosthetic parts that reproduce the form, function and aesthetics of natural teeth.

Gingivoplasty for aesthetic purposes achieves a recontouring of the gingival size and aesthetics, especially in the frontal area.

Prosthetic dentistry

Replacing one or more lost teeth or reconstructing it/them by applying prosthetic works is called dental prosthetics.

The goal of dental prosthetics is to restore dental integrity.

This can be done with the help of fixed, mobile or mobilizable works.

Our dental laboratory is prepared to perform a substantial range of prosthetic works.

The digital technology based on ultra-modern systems for performing prosthetic works are an advantage and represent a comfort for the patient because all sessions in the performance of the works can be assisted directly by the dental technician.

The dental technician can provide a better result when he has direct access to the patient and can listen to his wishes and needs.


Endodontics is the branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of dental caries complications, namely with the treatment of dental pulp conditions.

The MR Dentalmed Dental Clinic has a Smart Optic microscope that provides maximum visibility for successful root canal treatments, to detect foreign bodies and remove them quickly and precisely.

HyFlex rotary systems from the manufacturer Coltene and the hot root canal obturation system Dia-Duo Cordless Obturation System from the manufacturer Diadent are part of our daily practice.


Odontology is the branch of dental medicine that aims to treat carious and non-carious lesions (fractures, dystrophies, dental wear lesions).

Reconstruction and repair operations of lost dental structures are performed under local or loco-regional anesthesia.

Pain therapy (local anesthesia in the present case) is treated with special attention. Over the years we have built a reputation among our patients as “we have a fine hand”.

We managed to teach our more “fearful” patients that it is not so bad at the dentist.


Orthodontics is a specialty of dental medicine with the help of which certain abnormalities in the position of one or more teeth can be totally or partially corrected.

The result of the treatment is one that helps patients achieve a more harmonious aesthetic appearance and improved masticatory function.


Oral Surgery





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